2018 Sessions

June 4th - 8th - Beginner Week

June 11th - 15th Advanced Week


Our summer Code Camps are designed to teacher students of all ages the basics of computer programming and expose them to software development as a possible career choice. 

Our classes are kept light hearted but intense. We go over a lot of content and hammer it home with repetition. We use real-life sample projects to learn on. You may end up building an online resume for yourself or a game that you and your friends can play at home!


We run two week-long sessions every year. The first week is dedicated to beginners who have little to no experience with programming. We've had learners from ages 11 to 62 attend and come out with a better understanding of how to build webpages and develop applications.

The second week is dedicated to more advanced lessons. Generally, students who attend the advanced week have experience writing code or have gone through the beginner's week previously.

Because we know everyone is super busy in the summer, we break up each day into two separate 3-hour long sessions; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The same content will be taught in both sessions. You get to pick the one that works best for you and your schedule. 

2018 will marks the 6th straight year that we've held the Summer Code Camp and we're looking forward to the next six!