On November 10th we are hosting our 3rd annual entrepreneur conference on the beautiful campus of Midland University.

The event will feature inspiring entrepreneur guest speakers from around the mid-west talking with us about bringing great ideas to life and business practices that will help you succeed. Register below and join us for this inspiring event!


November 10th @ Midland University

Catherine Lang | 9:30am @ Clemmons Hall

Hope you grabbed a coffee, because we won't start slowly. As the State Director of the Nebraska Business Development Center, Catherine knows first hand how how to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem and how important it can be to a community.  Catherine will start off the day and set the tone that the rest of our speakers.

Breakout Sessions | 10-11am

During this time, there will be 4 individual one hour sessions available to visit.


Cory Ruzicka

Director of Learning, Sycamore Education

Clemmons Hall

Have you ever wondered  what the science is behind people sharing & liking things online? Cory is a marketing whiz who uses social media to reach thousands of people a day with his company's message. This breakout will show you how small teams can leverage "growth hacking" to make a huge impact for their company via social media using analytics, short feedback loops and experimentation.



Steve Navarette

Partner at Shaw, Hull, & Navarette

PDR #1

Steve is has been involved with the community for many decades and has seen his share of businesses come and go in Fremont. He'll share his wisdom about small business, the best legal structure to use in different circumstances, and some financial tips for small businesses to keep in mind. 


Connie Kreikemeier

Executive Director -Personal & Career Development Center

Anderson Conference Center

Everyone has innate, God-given strengths. The most successful entrepreneurs are keenly aware of their strengths and leverage them to launch and grow their business, and they build talented teams of individuals whose strengths provide additional value. Join us in this session to learn about The Gallup Organization's research on the strengths of great entrepreneurs and the talent it takes to be a successful "builder".


Glen Ellis

Chairman of the Board, Fremont Creative Collective

PDR #2

Fremont has been through a rough couple of years. Our city seems more divided than ever. However, Fremont is not the only city that's been splintered by divisive issues. Glen is spearheading a community outreach program titled Community Heart & Soul. Come hear about this program and the healing it can bring to our city.

Rebecca Stavick | 11-12pm @ Clemmons Hall

Rebecca Stavick is the executive director of Do Space in Omaha. This location, formerly a Border's Bookstore located on 72nd & Dodge, was renovated to be a technology library opened to the public. They provide free access to the latest software, devices, and ultra-fast internet. They also host many community programs aimed at increasing tech literacy. Rebecca has been at the helm of Do Space for the last 3 years and knows a thing or two about cultivating a forward thinking community.

Nathan Preheim / Lunch | 12-1pm @ PDRs

If you've pre-registered (you can do so here) have a free lunch on us! Stop by the Midland Cafeteria, grab some food and head over to the Private Dining Rooms (aka PDRs).

During lunch, we'll have the co-founder of the Startup Collaborative Nathan Preheim talk to us about starting an entrepreneur ecosystem. The Startup Collaborative lives in the Exchange Building in the Old Market, and is equal parts company and community building. Their venture is a mixture of a traditional 90-day accelerator, tech incubator and the Great Omaha Area Chamber of Commerce. They have a laser focus goal of radically improving the odds of startup success.

Garry Clark | 1-1:30pm @ Clemmons Hall

Garry is the current Executive Director of the Greater Fremont Development Council. The GFDC is greatly involved in the economic development and direction of our city. Garry comes from a varied economic development background and has served in development roles from West Point, NE to Washington, D.C.

Roy Adams | 1:30-2pm @ Clemmons Hall

Roy is the founder & CEO of Ginosko, an agency that specializes in micro-learning & training for the enterprise. Roy has held numerous position that take advantage of his aptitude for lifelong learning. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, he also knows first hand the struggles of training and education in a fast-paced environment. During his talk, Roy will discuss the importance of fostering a spirit of curiosity and continual learning in a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Micah Yost | 2-2:30pm @ Clemmons Hall

Micah is an amateur investor, entrepreneur and educator. He founded and currently serves as the President of Method Mark, a strategic partner for small business marketing and strategy in Omaha. He also serves as the lead faculty for the Midland University Code Academy. Micah has been doing research on the economic impact of startup businesses and would love to share his findings and pose some questions for you to ponder.

Dana Reeves | 2:30-3pm @ Clemmons Hall

Dana is a marketing and web strategist at the Reeves Media Group, a company she founded in 2009. She’s worked as the Director of Marketing for large organizations for over 8 years in the Atlanta, GA area. She now focuses on content creation, video production/editing, and web design for small to mid-sized businesses. 

Speaker Panel | 3-4pm @ Clemmons Hall

We're inviting all the speakers from the day to stick around for a community panel. We want to hear your questions! Shout them out during the day with the hashtag #forwardfremont.


Catherine Lang

Executive Director

Nebraska Business Development Center


Nathan Preheim


Startup Collaborative


Garry Clark

Executive Director

Greater Fremont Development Council


Dana Reeves

Founder & CEO

Reeves Media Group, LLC


Micah Yost

Founder & CEO

Method Mark 


Rebecca Stavick

Executive Director

Do Space

Lunch included with online registration. Let us know if you're coming and we'll feed you for free. Register now!