America’s new entrepreneurial frontier
February 26, 2016
by Fremont Admin
Silicon Prairie

This morning CBS News did a great piece on the ‘Silicon Prairie’, highlighting Lincoln Nebraska. A up and coming tech entrepreneur hub in the Midwest.

It is kinda nice that people on the coast are finally taking notice and simply not referring to us as a ‘fly over’ state.

This is “Silicon Prairie,” and it’s remaking cities across the Midwest, from Des Moines to Kansas City, to Lincoln. Fremont Nebraska is part of this prairie and in the near future, we will be banging our drums as well.

Fremont Creative Collective is a non-profit organization in Fremont Nebraska that has a primary goal of bringing together entrepreneurs and techies and creating startups in historic downtown Fremont.

I have always looked at Lincoln as our big brother, a city where we need to model what they have created there and put our own twist to that model right here in Fremont.