The best way to predict your future is for you to create it!

For Fremont to thrive in the future, we must add new ventures to our city alongside our agricultural and manufacturing industries. Technology hubs are popping up all over the Mid-West and Fremont has the potential to be the next big start-up community. Through testing and training, we seek out individuals with natural entrepreneurial abilities and provide them with essential startup business needs such as…

Rent-Free Office Space

We know how challenging it is to get a great idea off the ground. We want to accelerate the start-up process by providing a safe place to experiment and launch your business with the support, feedback and energy of others who want you to be successful.

Tech Support

Our founder Glen Ellis, and his tech team at Sycamore Education, are leaders in the world of Education Technology and have been immersed in technology and Web Development since its inception.

Start-up Services

Across from our entrepreneur academy we will rent out space to accountants, attorneys, graphic designers and more with the intention of having them available to our startups for any and all needs that they may have. 

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We’ve teamed up with Gallup to help you partner with the perfect people

and use your natural strengths to succeed!