Forward Fremont

On November 30th we are hosting our 4rd annual entrepreneur conference on the beautiful campus of Midland University.
The event will feature inspiring entrepreneur guest speakers from around the midwest talking with us about bringing great ideas to life and business practices that will help you succeed.
Susan Jacobus | 9:00am @ Presidential Dining Hall

Brandon Zobel | 10:00am @ Presidential Dining Hall

Brandon comes to us from Fremont, Nebraska where he is an entrepreneur trying to help small businesses make better use of their data. He has a heart for fellow entrepreneurs and a love for improving processes. His services include data modeling and interaction, process refinement and improvement, and operational & financial analysis (sounds boring, but Brandon makes it super fun). Brandon will share his experiences starting his own consulting company here in small town, Nebraska.

Nathan Ragsdell | 11:00am @ Presidential Dining Hall

Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in all of entertainment. Just a few years ago, it was thought of as social misfits playing video games. These days, esports players are superstars, traveling around the world and playing their games in front of millions of spectators all over the globe. Nathan, who serves as the esports coach at Midland University, will talk to us about the rise of esports and streaming as enabled a whole generation of kids to turn their passion of video games into a lucrative career.

Paul Jarrett | 12:00pm @ Presidential Dining Hall

Paul is a mover and a shaker. He founded the subscription box mega-company Bulu Box in Lincoln in 2011. Paul and his team at Bulu build private label Subscription Box businesses. He has lots of s, including “Start Up of the Year” by Silicon Prairie News, Pipeline Innovator of the Year, and Executive of the Year. Despite the accolades, Paul is always hyping up those around him and helping them succeed. #bangthedrum

Brandon Peterson | 1:00pm @ Presidential Dining Hall

Brandon is hustle. He started off his business career as a regional director of Anytime Fitness, wearing hats for and overseeing five locations. He currently juggles the responsibility of founding his own co-working space, serving as the COO of a non-profit, starting his own geolocation access control company, and serving as the Director of Business Development for DPA Auctions. Dude does a lot. Come listen to him talk about being a dynamic play maker and how to keep growing even when you’re swamped.

Pitch It! Panel | 2:00pm @ Presidential Dining Hall

November 30th @ Midland University
Come to feel inspired. Leave feeling motivated.