Fremont, Lincoln’s Little Brother
November 11, 2015
by Fremont Admin

BloombergBusiness recently published an article titled ‘Go Midwest, Young Techie: Silicon Valley Too Pricey for Startups; In the article, author Prashant Gopal states that “High prices on the West Coast are making it easier for the fresh crop of computer-science graduates and other techies to choose heartland hubs, in part, because putting down roots there doesn’t require a small fortune.” I believe Mr Gopal’s comments sum it all up. We have seen that Startups can exist and flourish anywhere, they just need an environment that encourages growth.

That is exactly what we are doing here in Fremont. Fremont Creative Collective is about creating the environment that will attract Startup companies, and then helping them grow. There is absolutely no reason that a Startup cannot launch right here in Fremont, the essence of rural Nebraska life.

Fremont will never be as big as Lincoln, but I’d like to think we could definitely be it’s little brother. Anything they do, we can do…just on a smaller scale. We all have to understand that this is not a zero-sum game. When one Midwest community wins, everyone in the Midwest wins.

Please, read this article and then ask yourself “How can I help?”