The May Brothers Wholesale Grocer Building

in 1861, The May brothers built a one story grocery store in FReMoNT, nebraska. the young entrepreneurs saw a need in their community and grew their small business into a wholesale empire. We want to ignite the same entrepreneur spirit that began it all over 130 years ago and bring this magnificent building back to its former glory. We believe that with our efforts, and the efforts of other like-minded people, the historic downtown district of Fremont can come alive again.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln


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Community Center, Coffee Shop, Art Space & Performance Venue
This is the heart and soul of our project. We want to create an atmosphere where “community” can happen, Where people from all walks of life can come together and feel comfortable communicating and collaborating. This is where it all begins.

coffee shop – a vibrant, modern coffee shop in the center of a beautiful creative space filled with ample seating, ultra fast wifi, and plenty of room to relax, have a conversation or do some work
performance venue – a small stage with the capabilities to host bands, theater, open mics, public speaking events, presentations and anything else the community needs
conference rooms and meeting spaces – fremont has a great need for meeting spaces, so we are building a variety of rooms and spaces to host fremont’s many organizations and gatherings
art gallery – the entire first floor will be a living art gallery featuring all art from our talented residents and students

What better way to wrap up a busy week of creative thinking than to relax with friends and enjoy some good conversation, good music and the best cup of coffee in the city. open late, of course!

Entrepreneurial Program, Start-up Community, Idea Incubator & Co-Working
If Fremont is going to survive in the future, we must add new ventures to our city alongside our agricultural and manufacturing industries. Technology hubs are popping up all over the Mid-West and Fremont has the potential to be the next big start-up community.

It is the goal of a Start-up Community not to be a “money maker” but instead, be a business maker. That being said, we want all of the area entrepreneurs within Fremont to take an active role in helping develop the next generation of city leaders.

our entrepreneurial program – half of the second floor will be office space that we’re going to offer to new, local entrepreneurs at no charge. we want to create a safe place for these companies to take that first leap so they feel comfortable to take chances…a safe place to fail and then start again.

Our start-up friendly businesses – the other half of the second floor will be leased to start-up friendly businesses. tenants like graphic designers, lawyers, and accountants will be connections that will inevitably help a start-up get off the ground.

our co-working space – in the center of the second floor we will build a 24hr co-working space. a communal area where people from all different occupations can come together and work together in an office type environment. with so many people working from home these days, a co-working space has been proven to improve creativity and productivity. they will have access to work stations, computers, printers, and much more.

The new home of Sycamore Education
Sycamore Education is a technology company that has been quietly growing over the last ten years here in Fremont, Nebraska. Sycamore is known, in the industry, as a Software-as-a-Service company. They provide a web-based school management system tool to schools and colleges around the world. They currently have customers in 43 countries and are still growing. They have two clients right here in Fremont: Archbishop Bergan Catholic School and Trinity Lutheran School.

By having Sycamore as the anchor tenant within the May Brothers Building, a lot of smart, creative people will already be in the building. When the doors open, there will be close to 30 people immediately occupying the third floor, Breathing life back into the building.

Sycamore has out grown its current location and is waiting patiently to occupy its new home. We are so thankful Sycamore has agreed to this arrangement. they will be an important catalyst in this whole project.

Meet our board of directors!

Glen Ellis – Chairman of the Board
Founder of the Fremont Creative Collective
Founder/CEO of Sycamore Education


“The Creative collective will be an environment where others can take their creative ideas, cultivate them, and grow them into regional and global solutions… a safe place to fail and then start again.”

Oscar Duran
Habitat for Humanity Omaha
Program Director / Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist

Nancy Ellis
Sycamore Education
Co-Founder / CCO

Brock Ellis
Sycamore Education
Director of Development

Includer | Learner | Arranger | Restorative | Connectedness

Allan Hale
National Electrical Contractors Association
Executive Director

Maximizer | Ideation | Futuristic | Strategic | Achiever

Connie Kreikemeier
Midland University
Executive Director – Personal & Career Development Center

Focus | Maximizer | Achiever | Relator | Individualization

Steve Navarrette
Shaw, Hull and Navarrette

Jim Shaffer
402 Arts Collective
Co-Founder / Chairman of the Board

Ideation | Futuristic | Intellection | Adaptability | Learner