Speaker Series

Brent Comstock, BCom Solutions


Brent Comstock, an entrepreneur, rural economic developer, venture capitalist and keynote speaker. Brent’s passion for rural communities, technology and down-ballot campaigns and causes have fueled his professional journey.

Since the age of 12, Brent has served as founder and CEO of the nationally recognized company, BCom Solutions. The success of his company moved his office from rural Auburn, NE to a worldwide presence. He used his company’s success as a platform to dive deeper into rural entrepreneurship with the development of the Rural Impact Hub– a place for rural community organizations to partner together and collaborate ways to support and strengthen rural America.

More recently Brent serves as principal of the venture capital fund, Change Ventures, that invests in early stage Baltic-region start-ups. While his accomplishments and professional journey may seem sporadic, there is a key, underlying theme: Brent has centered his profession around building and investing in companies that others often overlook.