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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Inspire, Assist, and Equip Entrepreneurs


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Our goal is to create a framework where Fremont's entrepreneurs can share ideas, communicate, collaborate, and use their innate strengths and talents to pursue their dream of starting and sustaining a business. 

“Each city needs its own highly individualized plan because each city has its own unique entrepreneurial talent – and each must find it, maximize it and retain it.”

Jim Clifton - Entrepreneurial Strengths Finder

Upcoming Events

  • Thu, Feb 09
    "Taxes and Accounting and Law...Oh My!" is a comprehensive course for entrepreneurs that covers the fundamentals of taxes, accounting, and law as they relate to running a business. It includes topics such as tax compliance, financial statements, and legal considerations for small businesses.
  • Thu, Feb 23
    This course teaches entrepreneurs the various methods of obtaining funding for their business, including business loans, venture capital, angel investing, crowdfunding, and more. The course will cover the pros and cons of each approach and help entrepreneurs to find the best options.
  • Thu, Mar 09
    The workshop covers topics such as branding, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Attendees will learn how to create a marketing plan, measure their marketing efforts and adjust their strategies to achieve their desired results.
  • Thu, Mar 23
    This is a hands-on workshop designed to help entrepreneurs effectively pitch their business and build a strong team. Attendees will learn how to create a compelling pitch, communicate their vision, and attract the right team members to support the growth of their business.

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The Creative Collective is a non-profit organization in Fremont, Nebraska that is dedicated to promoting entreprenuerial activities in our community. 

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