What is the Fremont Creative Collective?

Fremont Nebraska
About Us

Are You An Entrepreneur?

We have created a place in Fremont where its creative citizens can come together and share ideas, communicate, collaborate, and use their God-given strengths to reshape their lives and our community. We do this by championing the future job makers and entrepreneurs of our city and providing educational opportunities for all ages. We want to encourage, coach and inject bravery in to the future job makers of Fremont.

About Us

The Creative Collective is a non-profit organization in Fremont, Nebraska that is dedicated to promoting entreprenuerial activities in our community. 




Thriving communities don’t create themselves.

There is great economic power in our community but it needs to be identified, maximized, and retained. The heart of the creative collective lies in our community’s entrepreneurs. We want to seek out and identify entrepreneurs and innovators within our community and create a place where the two can successfully collide. 

In Gallup’s book “Entrepreneurial Strengthsfinder”, the author Jim Clifton states that it is up to the local city leaders to identify and nurture the entrepreneurs within their community. jim also writes that “each city needs its own highly individualized plan because each city has its own unique entrepreneurial talent – and each must find it, maximize it and retain it.”

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