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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Inspire, Assist, and Equip Entrepreneurs


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Our goal is to create a framework where Fremont's entrepreneurs can share ideas, communicate, collaborate, and use their innate strengths and talents to pursue their dream of starting and sustaining a business. 

“Each city needs its own highly individualized plan because each city has its own unique entrepreneurial talent – and each must find it, maximize it and retain it.”

Jim Clifton - Entrepreneurial Strengths Finder

Upcoming Events

  • Thu, Mar 23
    This is a hands-on workshop designed to help entrepreneurs effectively pitch their business and build a strong team. Attendees will learn how to create a compelling pitch, communicate their vision, and attract the right team members to support the growth of their business.

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The Creative Collective is a non-profit organization in Fremont, Nebraska that is dedicated to promoting entreprenuerial activities in our community. 

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