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Drawing on a Board
Drawing on a Board


The Fremont Creative Collective exists to collaborate with entrepreneurs and innovators to inspire, assist, and equip them with local resources to start and sustain businesses.


We live out our vision by:
• Providing educational opportunities, events, and workshops on starting and sustaining businesses. 
• Identifying entrepreneurs and innovators and connecting them with resources.
• Collaborating with partners to offer additional services and resources that assist entrepreneurs.
• Developing and maintaining original content as well as additional resources for local, state and regional startup assistance.
• Using a strengths-based approach that encourages individuals to use their entrepreneurial strengths and creative talents to reshape their lives and community.
• Providing a framework where entrepreneurs and innovators can connect with subject matter experts to share ideas and collaborate.
• Hosting an annual event to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to share their ideas.

Coworking Space
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