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What are your Strengths?

How can you leverage them to be successful?

One of the most distinguishing features of the Fremont Creative Collective is that we are a Strengths-Based organization. Simply put, we want to help all who collaborate through the Fremont Creative Collective to focus on their strengths and areas of greatest potential!

Through the use of 2 key assessment tools, Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder and the BP10, we strive to help individuals to better understand and leverage their own strengths and best routes to success, and, in turn, build collaborative teams around the right talent to get the job done most efficiently! Individuals who use the resources of the Fremont Creative Collective can benefit from the knowledge gained by these assessments and from coaching around their strengths.

The Business Profile 10 (BP10)

Because our primary goals are to nurture talent and accelerate entrepreneurial endeavors, we are thrilled to be able to harness the recent findings of The Gallup Organization and their Senior Researcher in Entrepreneurship, Sangeeta Bharadwaj Badal, Ph.D., who studied more than 4,000 “builders”. Gallup’s research identified 10 consistent behaviors which successful builders use to start or grow a business – the talent it takes to start and grow something of economic value. The 10 Builder Talents identified by Gallup are:  


  1. Confidence. These builders know themselves and have an understanding of others.

  2. Delegator. Successful builders aren’t afraid to let others assist. They realize that they cannot do everything themselves and are willing and able to allow a shift in style and control.

  3. Determination. Every builder goes through difficult times. While some throw in the towel, subjects in this study persevered through difficulties.

  4. Disruptor. These people exhibited creativity in taking an existing product or idea and turning it into a better one.

  5. Independence. Independence doesn’t necessarily mean working alone, as these successful builders have shown. They are able to do whatever is needed to be done to make the venture successful.

  6. Knowledge. Those who succeed are always seeking relevant knowledge that will help their business.

  7. Profitability. Decisions are made based on the effect of profit, whether observed or anticipated.

  8. Relationship. Builders realize that it’s the people around them that can help them the most and build relationships with those who can benefit the business for its survival and growth.

  9. Risk. Any new venture or growth involves risk. The successful builder has an instinctive knowledge of how to mitigate and manage high-risk situations.

  10. Selling. Nobody promotes the business better than its owner. This person is able to clearly convey what the business is about and convince others of its value. According to this research, builders perform best when they are able to utilize their dominant natural talents. While education and training may help, having the innate entrepreneurial ability will make the job easier. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to be aware of their talent potential to “build” and these 10 demands of building something of economic value.  


The BP10 Assessment identifies the talents needed to build successful initiatives. In areas of strong talent, potential entrepreneurs can focus on their natural abilities and leverage them to launch and grow their business. In those areas where the talent is not as evident or where they have no interest, they can seek out others who have those talents to fill out their team. This assessment is also highly valuable to leaders and team members in organizations, who can benefit by understanding their associates’ talents and capacity to build.

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